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Your Own Business or Expand the one you already have with our presence in the USA
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We are your Corporate Solution
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The development of your business idea and we help you expand it
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+18 years of experience
serving each client

We represent small and medium-sized companies in Latin America that
wish to have a presence in the USA, specifically in Miami – Florida

In Wobpinc you find all the support to develop your business idea or expand the one you already have established in your country of origin


We offer for you to open your COMPANY in the USA, in order to expand your business opportunities through a representation in the North American market and we take them hand in hand with strategic Marketing plans and if you are a Resident in the country, remember that You can also start your Own Business, which is easier and easier to hire our low-cost services, without making large amounts of investments.

Meeting the needs of the market, we have diversified services, providing the client with a range of corporate solutions to assist companies anywhere in the world.

If you already have your company registered in the State of Florida and you do not have a Business Address (using your Personal Address) in Wobpinc you will find the solution. In the state of Florida, the business address is essential to process corporate licenses, set up bank accounts, receive secure correspondence, corporate image, among other benefits. It is not advisable to use the Commercial in the Personal.

Contact us without obligation!

Our Comprehensive Service meets the needs of each client with the commitment of a successful result


Commercial Allies

Hand in hand with prestigious companies we offer the best Corporate Solutions

World Office & Business Place, Inc.

Our service plans are adjustable to the needs of each of our clients. We develop customized packages according to your needs and we have business partners with complementary services such as: form preparers, real estate, notarial services, corporate marketing, accounting, among others. We give you all the support so that your business reaches the target audience at the right time.

Business Registration in USA

Register or expand your company with us, obtaining a representation of your
business in the United States

Commercial Address

Without the need for a contract, have an address of your company that will allow you
to enjoy multiple advantages

Corporate Image

We offer Digital Marketing, SEO / SEM Strategies, Graphic and Website
Design, Advertising on our
Platform and much more

Representative Office

Have an office in Miami - Florida, where you can receive your correspondence, telephone calls and small packages

To purchase any of the services, enter our store



Click on one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or email us at the following address: info@wobpinc.com

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